I Sold My J's

This title is exactly what it reads. I'm sure you're wondering why I would do such a thing, even one of the customers I sold to asked me the same thing. I'll tell you like I told them, when it comes to your passion selling your valuables ain't nothing. So that's what I did and that's what I'll continue to do until I'm where I wanna be. I honestly believe it comes down to how bad you really want and if you're willing to live on bare essentials until you pop. I had to audit myself this week & really tell myself "You call yourself an artist and this is "supposed" to be your passion but you got J's in your closet that you could sale and put the profit towards the music." So I sold them, now I got enough money to do records, promotion, etc. whatever my passion needs to thrive. This method is nothing new by any means, GaryVee talks about investing in the business, !llMind talks about cutting all the stuff you can live without, & Nipsey Hussle talks about taking two steps back before you can take 10 steps forward & selling his white lincoln for studio equipment, all of these guys have a similar narrative and that's investing in what you believe in. So to everyone chasing a dream or a passion, I encourage you to go sale what you can and put the money towards something real. If you can't do it then you gotta ask yourself "Do I really want it or no not really?" 

- S

Shaymon Thompson