Money Man

It's always important to create multiple streams of income for yourself because lets face it, one is just not enough. As an artist it's important to have your own merch so your supporters can continue to support you in other ways. Now in the past I dibbled dabbled in a little merch ideas but it wasn't really a solid plan behind it. So recently I reached out to design service team at Printful to help one of my visions come to life. And also with help from my lady I was able to identify four things that basically represented me which is Legacy, Investing, Ownership, and Empowerment. Based on those four pillars I was able to come up with a design that I really believe in while also showing my creative side and that day the Money Man was born. Our plan for this design was to show a dapper man dressed from head to toe but instead of a regular face it would be a money bag. The clothes on his back insinuated an older feel hence the "Old Money" approach which eventually fell into one of my four pillars which is Legacy. Because when I think of Legacy I think of old money. Something you can pass down to the next generation, you know the generational wealth? That's what I'm chasing after, so my great great grandkids will have no worries. Anyways, you can checkout a few sketches of how the design came about below. Big shoutout to Hannah at Printful that brought this to life. You can also purchase a t-shirt that boasts the design here

Shaymon Thompson