Just Go!


I've talked about this topic before but I felt the need to address it again because someone out there may need it just like I did. This has nothing to do with music but it does have everything to do with allowing fear to dictate your whole life. From relationships to careers and everything in between, we find our pathway being controlled by something/someone other than ourselves. I get it, taking that first step is scary. All the unknown variables, the criticism, and how we ultimately think about ourselves definitely plays a part. But imagine if you will, somehow your life was sped up to the very last moment of your existence and you were able to see a highlight reel from beginning to end. Would you be comfortable bowing out? Or would you be left uneasy about not doing the things you've always wanted? It's interesting how things become simpler when put into perspective. I know we all fall short to being comfortable with our current situation. But we have to continue to remind ourselves that uncomfortableness breeds growth. For example, you may be afraid to speak in public but you want to get better at it so you continue to put yourself out there. Or you may have came from a strict household and never really made any decisions for yourself, the only way to figure it out is to go do it. We have to push ourselves to take the first step no matter if we don't have the support of our family or friends. Because at the end of the day, it comes down to taking responsibility for our own choices uninfluenced, unapologetically accountable for ourselves. So I encourage you to just go do that thing you've always wanted, I promise you'll start to learn more about yourself in the process. The path isn't easy but that's what makes the journey interesting. Lastly, continue to strive forward and remember it won't be all peaches and cream 100% of the time. There will be bumps, potholes, and barriers that will push you in order to see how bad you really want it. You got this, we got this...just GO!

Shaymon Thompson